The success of Birla School Pilani is based on a strong academic ethos and a clear mission:

'Inspiring achievement beyond expectation.’Hence everything is done to remove barriers to learning. The School is first and foremost a strong learning community, which is reflected in its students’ excellent academic performance. We aim to develop a culture in which every student is encouraged to take intellectual risks, to think independently and to extend him beyond expectation.

Our pupils are living in a very different world in which information is easily and freely accessible, in which the pressures on young people have never been more intense and in which examination performance is only one measure of the intellectual dexterity that the world will demand of them.

We realise that developing skills and academic agility is utmost important but with the changing times there is also a need to develop skills in risk taking, blue-sky thinking and creativity. We teach our young minds that failure, learning to pick them up and learn from their experiences is a part of their education.

So, with the aim of grooming our students to be global citizens, we are rising to the challenge of educating young people to be not only well-informed and knowledgeable, but most important of all, really adept life-long learners. Our pedagogical framework, curricular and co-curricular activities expose them globally and encourage them to be independent and critical thinkers and to understand what they are doing when they learn because they’re going to need to continue learning for their whole lives. The boys at Birla School Pilani grow up to be proficient, confident, imaginative innovators who are ready to shape the brave new world.