"...You are here laying a foundation for the future of India and you are performing a very sacred duty. All that I want to say is don't be contented with what you have achieved. The law of nature is either you move forward or you have to move backward. Therefore, if you want to move forward, you have to constantly work hard with determination and devotion..."

Shri G.D. Birla

Shri G.D Birla

It is rare to find a person who does not know about the philanthropic works initiated by the Birla family. The field of education has been their prime concern since the very beginning.By early 1900, the Birla family began to support education, influenced by PanditMadan Mohan Malaviya. They supported educational charities in Kolkata and in Mumbai. In 1901, the family established the first high school in Pilani.

The legendary industrialist-philanthropist Shri G. D. Birla had envisioned the making of an institution which would one day develop into a permanent Centre of light and learning in India. To translate this vision into reality he established Birla Education Trust on 23rd Jan, 1929 and constantly nurtured this institution under his dynamic leadership and far-sighted vision virtually transforming Pilani into a World renowned Centre of excellence in the field of education.

Birla School Pilani functions under the aegis of the Birla Education Trust. The school began in 1901 when Seth Shiv Narain Birla started a tiny village Pathshala for the education of his grandsons Shri Ghanshyam Das Birla and ShriRameshwar Das Birla along with 30 other village children in Pilani. The Pathshala gathered strength and it is now prestigious Birla School Pilani.