Mission and Vision

To infuse its students with high standards of academic scholarship, veracity, leadership, and responsible global citizenship by providing an innocuous and therapeutic environment and by keeping its students abreast with the latest trends of teaching methodologies along with traditional values indispensable for holistic development.

Blend of Values, Knowledge and Quest for Quality and Excellence:
  • To develop fluency in the use of English language; to foster enjoyment of all the processes of communication: oral, written and visual.
  • To recognize and to encourage talent of all kinds and of all degrees and to endeavour to stretch the intellectual and creative capacity of individuals.
  • To illustrate the inter-relationship of all human knowledge, to cultivate an appreciation of man’s creative skills, and to stimulate a concept of learning as a life-long process.
  • To pay particular attention to:
    • Stimulating intellectual curiosity.
    • Directing and exercising the emotions and develop emotional intelligence.
    • Encouraging clear thinking and discrimination.
    • Developing an interest in the process and resources of learning, how to learn.
    • Fostering capacity to tackle a problem..
  • To enable children to acquire the tools and qualifications necessary for earning their living and to become self-reliant.
  • To seek and measure the extent of an individual’s success in making maximum use of one’s endowments and opportunities..